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Hand Burnt Pyrography Art Design

Marigold Farms Offers Hand Burnt; Pyrography Art Designs, Made To Order. Choose from our wide variety of Designs; or have us Create a Custom piece of Art just for you. We make everything from Plaques and Signs, to Wood Spoons and Games! We can Create Beautiful; Hand Burnt Artwork on any Wood, Leather, Suede, Felt.... Hats and Decor to Furniture and Guitars... Anything!

Marigold Farms is also Excited and Proud to Introduce Our Winsome Grove Collection! Featuring Hand Burnt, Bohemian Style; Jewelry and Accessories, Beautifully Mixed and Matched and Inspired by Nature.

The Winsome Grove Collection Bohemian Style Jewelry and Accessories

Welcome To The Winsome Grove Collection Debut!!!

Thank you for joining us for the Winsome Grove Collection Debut!!! The first 10 Customers will receive a FREE GIFT with their purchase, and as always FREE SHIPPING!

The Winsome Grove Collection features Bohemian Style Jewelry and Accessories, from Lariat, Layered and Pendant Necklaces adorned with our Signature Hand Burnt Beads as well as Sparkling Crystal Beads to Hand Burnt Pyrography Art Bangle Bracelets and Boho Style Hats. The Winsome Grove Collection is all Hand Made and is inspired by Nature, and Beautifully Mixed and Matched.

I got a beautiful checker board! The work and detail are lovely and would even make a beautiful decoration when you're not playing.  I highly recommend Marigold Farms. Good customer review.

Checkerboard Set

Order our Gorgeous Checker Board set today! This set includes a beautiful Hand Burnt checker board, glass game pieces and an easel to display this unique piece of art when you aren't playing. Call Mary to request any border design 781-679-4905, or order our Featured Design here! Free Shipping!


Hand Burnt Checker Set

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Marigold Farms Journey.....

Welcome to Marigold Farms! We may be at the beginning of our journey, but all great things have to start somewhere.... Follow our journey from the beginning in our Marigold Farms Blog.

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