Taking the Steps...




As I moved towards a healthier and more natural lifestyle; I also want to embrace the things that I have always felt benefit me, not only physically, but mentally. When I start reading, and make it a daily habit; it doesn't only help my confidence; as reading can be difficult when you have dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD, as I do... but it also changes the way we think and interpret things, it rewires us and in my experience; helps make me a more thoughtful person. There have even been studies to show that reading for only a few minutes a day can improve stress level by 60%! That is only one of the medical/mental improvements brought on by reading... Here is a great article that really covers the benefits of reading 
I decided that today I would start by first feeding my cats (they would have it no other way) while I make my coffee, and then take the hour before I have to start doing grown up things; to read by a fake fire.... I can't have the real thing, so fake it till you make it 🔥it's all about that cozy aesthetic.... And I decided to read one of my favorite books; a classic, and quite suitable as I embark on my journey into nature, why not begin my adventure with The Hobbit. Yes, I have read this book already....a few times over, but that is just a testament to how amazing this story is.... 
The Hobbit, Cozy Aesthetic, relaxing, reduce stress, warm fire
 ..... I am also currently reading The Magicians Nephew by C.S Lewis 
The Magicians Nephew by C.S Lewis, children's literature classic novel, Narnia Chronicles
and Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little House in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder, children's literature, pioneer, cabin, homestead. Family God
... Notice a them? I LOOOVE children's literature and fantasy, but I also really enjoy reading about history, poetry (my all time favorite poet is Jim Morrison.... Yes, from the Doors... I highly recommend The American Night and Wilderness) 
Jim Morrison, The American Night, Poetry, The Doors, Classic Rock,  The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison The Doors, Wilderness, Poetry, Classic Rock
and really love apocalyptical stories.... To which I would recommend One Second After by William R Forstchen
William R Forstchen Author, One Second After, Apocalyptical story, e.m.p attack, survival
... It is the first book of a great series following a widower and his family after America is hit by an E.M.P.... it is a reality based depiction written by a history professor who has thoughtfully laid out the expected course of events if such an attack would happen.... Really interesting read...... I Kinda went off there, but I could talk about my favorite books and writers all day. 
Something that I have found, and heard others with depression and anxiety have also noticed; is that there is a comfort in re-reading and/or rewatching the same material over again.... I assume it brings peace to revisit old, comforting stories and settings and brings comfort in knowing what is going to happen next; no surprises, just taking in the feelings of that particular story. 
This blog is mostly going to document my journey into a healthier and more natural lifestyle, but I also want to share these other soul feeding activities, that may not necessarily have anything to do with nature, but will still inspire and help us grow into the better version of ourselves that we all hope to achieve.
I want to be clear that I am not a healthcare or medical professional in any way, I am solely sharing and relating my own life experience.... trial, error and a ton of research, but I would always suggest checking with a licensed medical or healthcare profession before making any changes to your diet, fitness,  vitamin and or supplements regimen. 
Going forward I will also be embracing a healthier; nutrient rich diet, exploring and explaining different vitamins and supplements I am using; how often, and how they have benefitted me thus far including how they influence my "difficult" skin (I will also be touching on skin care a bit) as well as following my fitness regimen that has now allowed me to eat a lot more of what I want, opposed to restricting myself to the point of depletion. 
To help understand my journey more clearly, I want to mention that I suffer (and I don't use the word suffer lightly, nor dramatically) from several mental illnesses that were either genetic, or trauma induced, from paranoid anxiety and insomnia, to learning disabilities and a boat load of insecurities, and though I have already put in a LOT of work, which I will touch on plenty, I am still growing and learning about myself daily and have so many natural and holistic changes that  I am excited to implement, and see where it takes me, and hopefully anyone who finds they relate to my journey will get some enrichment and even share something helpful with all of us, I am really excited to get to know you all... 
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Mary Gallinger