Throw me another ball.....

 My last few Blog posts have been very business oriented, buy today I wanted to touch on the Juggling Act that us working mother's have to perform to pull off all that is thrown at us...... and I know that a good amount of my readers can relate.

 I can't recall if I have brought my family up in my past posts very much, and don't feel like going through to find out, so let's assume not. I am 35, have been married for 15 and half years and we have 3 beautiful children; our son is 12, one daughter is 9 and the other 7. So as you can imagine; life can get busy. 

 I worked for a year of the 12+ past years that I have been a mother, the other 11 years I was home, procreating and focusing on family....  and not much else, that includes me. So after a year of having jumped back into working, and loving it, it all caught up with me. I started experiencing a lot of panic attacks. I have had panic attacks since I was a teenager, but had a good handle on them for years, but something had changed in me mentally, I just wasn't able to handle any extra stress and it began to snowball..... Long story short, that I am sure I will touch on in the future, I had to not only step away from my little part time job that I really enjoyed, but I had to come up with a game plan to get myself healthy, physically and mentally, and I also had to learn how to put myself first; so my family could have the mom that they deserved. So I got to work.

 I started by focusing on my diet and forcing exercise..... Again, there is so much more to this process, but that will be covered in a future post. I also gave myself things to tend to, that would better our family as a whole. I can't express enough how much this helped me. I started by fixing up and refinishing nearly all of our furniture and from there started collection as much as I could get my hands on to hone my skill and start to offer pieces to sell as well as my services..... then covid-19 hit. As many can imagine I put my plan on the back burner as we waited to see how things panned out, but I never stopped my works, I kept finding things to tend to, and really pushed myself physically as well, continuing to better myself and my family.

 That brings us to the transition of Marigold Furniture Refinishing into Marigold Farms. I had started up an old hobby (wood burning) in my attempts to tend to my own mental state, especially after the stressful year that was 2020, and that is where the new direction of Marigold came from. 

 So now I find myself spending everyday tending to this business that I have built and now watch grow and I am learning how to balance this passion and business with our family life and that is where I reach the point of this blog post.

 I spent the last two years, building back up, from a mental bottom that I can't even describe or fathom. From a place of complete personal despair, I started the work, I knew what I needed and I held myself accountable; maybe for the first time in my life, and as a result, I am healthy, I can be everything my kids need, I am not drained and I am physically more fit than I have ever been....ever. I can handle running a business, keeping our home clean and functional, helping my kids who are in full remote learning until this school year ends, cooking several meals a day, spending most days sitting next to softball fields and actively shopping for our first home. I am currently living a life that before would have broke me, I would not be enjoying a second of it and would always be thinking of how I wanted to live instead of enjoying how I do live. I built myself back up and created a life I absolutely adore. Despite that fact that it is a juggling act, I can handle it; and I did that myself, I put in the work for my family and for me and life is way better than I ever knew it could be......... So go ahead; throw me another ball.


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