The Fun Part

 We are about a month in since my last update and we have been busy! I didn't want to blog through the boring paper work aspect and figured it would be easier to just give a quick update on that so we can get to the fun part.

 Since my last post, I have written out lists, and made those lists some of their own lists and somewhere I have a list about it. Of course the content of those lists are of great importance as it includes gift package items, individual products, to do lists and bookkeeping..... Ugh. As tedious as this part sounds it is crucial to have such organization and the peace of mind that; that brings. It also gives me a clear picture of what I am offering and what kind of profit margin I can expect while I endelessly shop for supplies. And what was most important for me to get done was applying for our Marigold Farms Tax ID. Not only does that put me on the right financial track, but for me personally, that was a big step to make. My anxiety can make the most simple tasks daunting at times and this extremely simple action was no acception. Maybe it was significance of legitimizing this dream of mine or the expectation I have now put on myself by making it "official", but either way, I did it and now can move forward with the fun part!

 After the carpel tunnel set in, I finally took those list and started shopping.....which is fun, but nothing compared to the creating. I have been spending all my spare time between lists, homeschooling and housekeeping, creating the producpurchasets that will soon be posted for order or. I have created several designs and started burning plaques as well as played around with Book Buddy Pillow design options. 

 I will include photos of some of my unfinished designs and also in hopes that someone actually reads this, I wanted to know if people might be interested in seeing a vlog following how I create and execute my wood burning designs. I am not sure how I would go about it and am open to suggestions.

 Though our gift packages won't be available for order until our Grand Opening (tba), our monogram plaques and other personalized wood products are ready for order!

You can contact Mary for more info at (781)679-4905

 We hope to hear from you soon!

Personalized hand made monogram plaquePersonalized hand made monogram plaquePersonalized hand made monogram plaque

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