The Big Day!!!!

 It was back in January that I first told everyone of my plans. I would have liked to keep everyone more up to date with the process, but it was rather extensive, so I just kept pushing forward......and now here we are, the eve of the Big Day!!!!

 I wish I could look back over the past few months and give details into how we got to this point, but honestly, everyday has been one task after another, brainstorming, making decisions and changing them. The things that stand out we're the big hurtles and maybe others who have similar entrepreneurial spirits can relate. First off, and as I mentioned before, taxes.....the thought of facing that very real and important aspect of opening a business intimidated me, it is an area that I have just never really grasped beyond my personal yearly filing, and I have to say; it was so straight forward and fast. Having done that and done it early; legitimized what I was doing and gave me new confidence and momentum. 

After I put the tax anxiety behind me, I then got to designing and creating which lead to another big hurtle, products! Making sure I had a variety of designs and samples was a rather daunting task, but a really fun one none the less and one that will be ongoing; I am designing and creating everyday and loving it. 

 Not the final intimidating task, but the most head spinning one and that is shipping. So many options and I am just not real familiar with the process. Long story short, I familiarized myself, and am now ready to go. Though we won't be offering shipping on gift packages, they are just so big and heavy, we decided to offer a delivery service and free curbside pickup.

 So here I am, big scary things behind me, on the eve of the scariest, and yet most exciting thing. As of 9:00 a.m tomorrow, Marigold Farms will officially be open for business. Photos will be up, order forms ready to be filled, and my stomach in a way that would make a sailers knot look shabby. And I could not be more excited! I am so excited to show everyone what we have to offer and to start learning and growing as I continue plan what will be next for Marigold.

-Mary Gallinger


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