Settling in.....and GIVEAWAY NEWS!

 We are finishing off our second week here at Marigold and everything is going better than I could have hoped! I am getting great feedback and learning that as this process of building and growing moves forward, the need for a notebook with in reach is crucial. I am absolutely bursting with ideas and plans and can't wait to let you all in on them; as we move forward. I am currently working on a second wooden spoon design that I will be showcasing in the next few days via youtube video as well as featuring them as our debut item for next week!

 Now aside from my plans for new products and product lines, we have also decided to hold a giveaway sometime next month, maybe to celebrate our 1 month anniversary..... We are still in the idea stage, but I do want to get feedback from my customers and followers on which item we should give away. The photo attached to this blog post shows 4 options for pieces to give away and I want to know which of these products would be preferred by you. A. Is our wood spoon set and would be offered in your choice of our current dandelion design or our new honey bee design that will be available to view by next week. B. Is our Deathstar and if you would like to see some behind the scenes of it's making, we have a video up on our Marigold Farms YouTube channel. C. Is our Rose Desk Sign featured in our Rose box and is a very versatile accent to your home or workspace. C. Is our Checkers set and is featured in our Movie Night Crate. All you will have to do when the giveaway starts is enter (name, email and phone #), wait for our email informing you that you won, give us your mailing address after winning and we will ship your prize to you! So please write in the comments which prize you would want to win in next months giveaway!

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Dawn Berio

A. Wooden Spoon Set

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