Learning and Growing

 Over the past several weeks I have been getting feedback on our Giveaway coming up, I have received many opinions on what people would want to win and the two most popular options have been the Wood Spoon Set and the Checker Set!, But one did win by a few votes and the winner..... will be announced on Monday! I received some great feedback in all the options I had given and have decided to make some more design options for my most popular pieces. One of those new designs will be Debuted soon and I am so excited about it! Don't forget to sign our Newsletter to be automatically entered to win!

 Aside from the Giveaway, I have been working on a few more options on our gift packages as you can see from our "Build-A-Crate; Coming Soon" Announcement on the Homepage. What's more is I have decided to shift Marigolds focus based on my customers interest in my hand made Wood Burnt Art. Marigold Farms is always changing and shifting to fit what my customers are looking for which I am learning as I go, and I am so appreciative of the support and kindness I have received in all of our interactions. 

So, to break it down, Marigold Farms is focusing on making custom and personalized designs and working with our customers to come up with new designs that suit their tastes and interests. We can take any of our current designs and put them on tlwhatever product you choose or you can tell me what ideas you may have and I can draw it up and we can make sure you are receiving exactly what you want. I am very open to ideas and if it is make of wood, it can burn it for you. Anyone interested in a custom made piece can call Mary for a consultation, either by phone, or socially distanced outdoors.

 As we have shifted focus towards our pyrography art, we also wanted to make our gift packages more appealing, and I know from shopping for gift crates through other companies, that half the time I want only a few things in each of the crates they offer, so I have come up with a solution. We will offer there different Crate size options at a base price that includes packaging and lights and then you choose each individual product that will go in you crate. You can have an array of whatever you want, each item individually priced, giving you control over the cost. You can order online and we will contact you for a specifications if you choose any custom art for your crate. Some of our premade packages are more expensive based on the art featured in them , but any package, pre made, or custom built can feature any art you like and we would adjust the price accordingly. Build-A-Crate as well as our premade packages are only offered to Plymouth County residents for local delivery with a low $5 delivery fee. 

 I am also just finishing up a project that I will be posting a youtube video of, so please watch for that!

And lastly, I am trying to do better with Blog consistency, but my family is currently preparing to buy a home and move, so the blog is the one taking the hit due to that distraction, and I want to be sure to keep producing more design options and not take away from the more productive aspects of the store so please bare with me and look forward to a flood of material and designs after we get settled.

Thanks everyone! We appreciate all of your support!


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