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Marigold Farms One Year Anniversary
Marigold Farms
 Some of you have been following since over a year ago when I let everyone in on my plans and opened Marigold Farms, but for those of you who are new here..... We are Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary on March 15th! 
I had mentioned in a past blog post that I would be blogging weekly, but a lack of inspiration (the amount of crud I don't bother you guys with 🙄😂) and a heavy work load has had me quiet over the past couple of weeks, but now we are less than two weeks out from our Anniversary Celebration and I am getting so excited about the new products and our Big Announcement, I felt I had to address it.
What To Look Forward To
When you visit Marigold Farms on March 15th you will find a TON of New Products. I have been designing and burning some beautiful new items, from Hand Burnt Rose Wood Spoons; to join our Dandelion and Spring Bee Design, to Beautiful Landscapes and other Decor. Everything in the store, including all or our new products and custom orders will be offered at 10% off for the day; and that discount will also be applied to gift crate orders for upcoming holidays and events placed during the sale. Those are the things you can expect to see during our Anniversary Celebration, but there are also some surprises! Obviously I can't say too much, or they won't be surprises, but I can tell you that we have a Big Announcement that I am more excited about than I can express, we will have some fun page updates, a new Blog Post explaining some things about our Big Announcement, and there may or may not be a New Giveaway that would be taking place via social media.... So follow us on Facebook and Instagram to remain up to date.
Our Journey Together
Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary goes so far beyond celebrating this thing I created out of a passion and some strong guidance from God, but it is also about celebrating the people who have been with me and supported me during this journey so far, from my first sale a year ago to my first giveaway winner and all the support I have felt via comments, messenger and other local small business owners helping get Marigolds name out there. This first year was a great start and I am so thankful for those of you who have shown love and support, but it was just the start. I have some ambitious plans for this spring and summer and our Big Announcement will play a part in that. I am so excited to share all the things we have coming up and continuing the growth of Marigold Farms with all of you.
Thank You
I hope you will all join us on March 15th and follow us on social media so I can thank everyone for genuinely and thoughtfully supporting me; while God guides my path and helps me make the things I have prayed for and passionately pursued; become reality. God Bless you all and Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
Love, Mary Gallinger
Mariold Farms 

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