Introducing The Winsome Grove Collection!!!

Winsome Grove 
Marigold Farms invites you to join us for the Debut of our Winsome Grove Collection!
The Winsome Grove Collection offers a wide variety of Bohemian and Nature inspired Jewelry and Accessories. Hats featuring Hand Burnt Pyrography Art, Leather and Cord Lariats, Chokers and Natural Mineral Pendant Necklaces; adorning our Signature Hand Burnt Beads; accentuated by Sparkling Beads in a variety of colors. You will also find our stunning Hand Burnt Wood Bangle Bracelets are Stackable and Perfectly Mixed and Matched with our Hat, Pendant and Earring Designs. 
 The Winsome Grove Collection may create Jewelry and Accessories, but it truly is one of a kind Art; that can be worn casually for a Bohemian, Hippie Chic style or more formally as an Artistic, Feature Piece .... However you wear Winsome Grove, you will turn heads with it's Unique and Beautiful Designs; that are currently trending, yet timeless.
 During our Winsome Grove Collection Debut on Saturday, August 27th; Marigold Farms will be giving out a FREE GIFT to our FIRST 10 CUSTOMERS!
 Much like our Marigold Farms Designs, The Winsome Grove Collection is made to order; though we will be doing Pop Up Shops Soon! So Sign Up for our Email List at and follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest).
Free Shipping on all Winsome Grove Collection Designs!
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