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 It has been a while since I have blogged, but if you read my last post, you may have known that I was going to be focusing on the kids over summer vacation. Summer isn't over and we have a lot still to do, but despite my lack of blogging I have been very busy designing and burning, which you will all be seeing the results of shortly, but as fall approaches and new opportunities arrive, I want to update everyone on what Marigold Farms has been doing and what we have planned!
•Our newly designed Rose Box Gift Crate•
Rose Box Gift Crate
 I announced a short time ago; some new projects that I am working on, Build a Crate, the Lamp Line and our Special Memory Keepsake Packages as well as virtual burning classes. Things are constantly changing and developing, as are our timelines.... I am pushing back some projects into the fall/winter (build a crate in time for Christmas shopping and the lamp line will be premiered; likely during the holidays), but all for good reason! I have designed a jewelry line that I am so darn excited about, it just has to take precedence and I also want to get a jump on the Special Memory Keepsake Packages; because I recently met another small business owner who very much has inspired and motivated me to want to do a little something more meaningful with this particular endeavor, I don't want to give to much detail yet, but the Keepsake Packages will be donating some of its profits to a very important and special cause and I can't wait to share the details of that in the near future.
•Special Memory Keepsake Package Art!•
 We have some exciting things planned for the more immediate future, but Marigold is thinking long term as well and beyond the store itself. As you may know, we have a YouTube channel in which I have put together some simple videos with some tips and designs featured, but we have some big things coming up and I have decided to next level this thing; and vlog! I am honestly pretty nervous as I think it will take some getting used to actually being on camera, but I am so excited to document what we have coming up.
 So what will I be vlogging about.....we are currently shopping for our first home, this has been a long time coming for us, as we have had some unfortunate and frustrating set backs....for years (that's another long story) but we are finally doing it..... And in the worst real estate market 🤦🏼‍♀️, but we are being patient and as we close in on the home for us, I will be vlogging our experience from purchase to renovation (obsessed with interior design...it's happening) and also touching on the day to day of the store, designing and burning. From there I may continue to vlog for Marigold, but another significant event that will be happening right after our house purchase and deserves documentation and frankly representation on YouTube; is leasing, designing and opening our first live store! Dan (husband/rock) and I have been talking more and more about making my dream of opening up a live; in person store a reality, and if it weren't for our large upcoming purchase, it would be happening now! I can't even express how excited this subject makes me, I have never been so happy in what I am doing and to share that in person with my loved ones and customers would mean everything to me. I know a lot of people say " I have always dreamt of this", but I can't even remember when I started wanting to own my own store, not just a business, but a physical embodiment of all my hard work and what I have to offer. 
 When it comes to vlogging, blogging and putting my brand out there, I do want to hear from my followers and customers..... So I have to ask that anyone who has interest in seeing basically the growth of my personal life and business, via these avenues and those that me interested in what our store offers, please give me your input! Tell me what it is you are interested in seeing and knowing? What products or services should I offer that I don't? Or even better, do you have experience based advice that you wish someone had given you early on? I want it all, all of the perspective, requests and advice and I want to have open communication with everyone that is following to help grow, motivate, and find inspiration while I do so. 
 Summer is coming to and end soon and in addition to releasing a lot of new designs and collections, I will be blogging more, and likely getting my toes wet with vlogging as well. 
 Please leave a comment below. I want to know what it is you are hoping to see from Marigold Farms going forward and if you have any expertise you might be willing to share that can help us reach out goals and reach more people that maybe joy what we have to offer.
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