A New Year and A New Marigold!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I have not blogged in a while due to some personal life "things", I imagine everyone knows how life can step in the way of life, but here we are, a new year and a new Marigold! If you wander around the store a bit, you will see that we have updated some of our photos and done some site redesigns, but what's more; is what's coming up over the next few months!
 First things first, we currently have a promotion going on for Valentine's Day, we are offering 10% off of our Rose Box Gift Crate! The Rose Box is $100 before discount, and includes some comforts and keepsakes, so please check those out and get your orders in soon to get it in time for Valentine's Day.
 So, even though I haven't been blogging as much, I have been hard at work, designing and scheduling; basically a years worth of products, lines and promotions, which will include another giveaway somethime in the spring I am thinking. This winter I will be debuting some new designs, some geared toward holidays and events and we will also be celebrating our Marigold Farms 1 year Anniversary! We will be holding several promotions leading up to the anniversary and hopefully debuting our first lamp! Which will be a part of a line of handmade, hand burnt custom pipe lamps! I have so many designs and I am really excited to share this vision with everyone!
 Throughout winter and spring we will be debuting new art, but I will also be very busy preparing our Montessori line that will be debuted in the summer. We will be releasing products throughout the summer leading up to a big end of summer promotion to get all you teachers and homeschoolers stocked up.  
 We have all of our lines and debuts scheduled through the next year, and will be keeping everyone updated on the stores goings on as we go, but I will be putting a focus on the blog as well and trying to grow a community of mom's, homeschoolers and business owners that help build each other up with thoughtful support and inspiration.
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 God Bless you all ❤️ 
 Sincerely, Mary

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