A Multi-Track Mind....

 I get that when we set out to accomplish something, it is generally thought positive when you have a one track mind; and that makes sense, if you don't get distracted, you should reach your goal sooner. The thing is, as many other entrepreneurs probably realize, your dream almost never stays the same, it develops and grows over time and in those cases, the one track mind; may actually hinder your ultimate dream. 

  When I wrote my first Blog post at the beginning of the year; and I started openly planning the launch of Marigold Farms, my vision of what it would be was completely different from what it is now. When we first opened, I had put a lot of emphasis on our gift packages and now my focus is on the soul of Marigold Farms and that is my wood burning, but it is not just a matter of turning the focus toward my passion, but what I can do with that and it is actively snowballing from there.

 Something that my readers and customers may not realize is my hunger to own my own business has been present for a long time. From dropshipping Christian Jewelry to Wrestling content, I have tried my hand at a couple things that incorporated passions, but I believe what was missing was using my creativity and now that I have put both passion and creativity together; I find myself and my vision growing daily. I spend a lot of my time that I am not designing, burning, and blogging; filling up notebooks with ideas and plans. I have already announced some upcoming projects and collections, that will be going into the summer, but am scheduled through the fall with some really exciting lines!

 So with Marigold Farms multi-tasking and grinding away, what can our customers and readers expect to see this year?......We have announced the plans for our build your own gift crate line (Build-A-Crate) which can be expected sometime in June and we have also announced our Lamp Collection which you will be seeing in late July/early August, but in addition to those we are designing more Hand Burnt Games for our Games Collection, brainstorming and designing a Kids Decor line that can be expected in the fall, creating a Learn to Burn package with virtual classes that can be expected late summer/early fall and I will be interviewing several different successful female business owners for a very special and insightful Blog Post to help inspire and motivate other entrepreneurs in their journey.

 So we certainly have our plate full and have come up with what we hope are some great ways to connect, communicate and inspire in our community while growing our Brand. I hope that people will start and continue to follow our journey and join us in growing our business and the community that we hope comes with that.

Anyone business owners interesting in being interviewed and featured in our blog can call or text Mary at (781)679-4905 and email at gallinger_mary@yahoo.com

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