Welcome! Taco vs. Burrito Review!

Hi, my name is Elsa! I’m 10 years old and this is my first blog. I’ll be writing a game review about Taco vs. Burrito.
Taco vs. Burrito is one of the funnest games I have. The game is 2- 4 players, and it's a card game. You either have a taco or a burrito; it’s your choice. There's a draw pile and a trash pile. Whoever has the most points in their taco/burrito wins.
 This game is very fun and the cards you get are random but you also usually should have a strategy. I love this game, it’s very fun. It can be hard sometimes, but bad things could happen to the player with the most points like losing a lot of points or even losing all their points, so you have no idea what could happen at the end. 
 I recommend getting this game; it’s fun and the whole family can play.
P.S. The game was made by a 7 year old.
Thanks for reading, please come back for more reviews and other fun content!

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