Bring on those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer!

 As anyone who follows our blog and/or announcements knows, we have a lot of new things coming up at Marigold Farms; from our new Lamp Collection and Build-A-Crate line to our Learn to Burn Classes, but if you know this you may also know that I also have a pretty active home life as a wife and mother of three. So between running my own business, homeschooling, cooking endless meals, softball practices and games and creating quality family time, I have become pretty good at prioritizing and implementing an appropriate schedule to manage all these things and enjoy life while doing it. That being said, with the end of the school year and organized sports approaching, I will be reprioritizing for the most memorable and fun summer I can give my kids.

 So our plans for this year are pretty much the same as most years, driving over to Plymouth, swimming in the Myles Standish Ponds, eating outside by the water, stopping at what ever ice cream places we can find, and enjoying swimming in the pool with our family while we BBQ. Like many families who were not as social during Covid-19, there is a feeling of needing to make up for the memories we didn't makes last summer and I have some fun ideas that other local mom's on the south shore might enjoy as well!

One thing that we have always done and missed over the past year +; was getting lunch at Plane Janes Restaurant in Plymouth, you can sit on the back deck and watch all sorts of aircraft take off and land and my kids LOVE it, and considering you are in Plymouth, it's about five to ten minutes to some of the best tourist spots and beaches to fill up the rest of the afternoon.

 Another thing that we will be doing this summer is heading down the Cape, which we have done a couple of times in the past, but this time we plan on heading all the way to Provincetown, and for anyone who has been to Provincetown, you know what a beautiful and picturesque experience that is and one I am really excited to share with my kids. I can taste the salt water taffy and smell sunblock now.


Because we are located where we are, we have a so many options, not just those hot sunny beach days and hitting our local tourist spots, but we also have scenic country roads and mountain rivers within an hour or two. And somewhere I haven't been in a long time and know my family will love is the Vermont Country Store. Just the fact that it is in Vermont alone let's you know what a beautiful trip it makes, but the store is full of such a selection of keepsakes, gift shop items, and also has an amazing antique toy section and equally amazing fudge.... Plus a covered "kissing" bridge outside for some amazing photo ops. 

And just one more, but not the last of our summer plans is carnival day! We have a carnival coming to town and have planned out a whole day around it;  we will start with a big breakfast at home and then picking up my niece, we will enjoy some decaf iced coffees on our way to the pond, swim for a bit, grab lunch on a patio and head to the carnival for some rides and junk food/dinner in the late afternoon/evening and then at end the night, we will find a big empty space in town to lay out some blankets to enjoy our ice cream and watch the fireworks, then head home for a cousin sleepover, which I imagine will include more snacks and probably Stranger Things knowing these kiddos. This kind of day is probably the most underrated of memory makers; and the day I look forward to the most.


We also plan on enjoying family bbq's, getting Sweetie's Shaved Ice at Forge Pond Park, touring our local Farms and checking out Downtown Plymouth where I am really looking forward shopping at The Nectar Collective who just celebrated their 1 year anniversary! 

 So to say I am looking forward to our lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer; our open windows, warm breezes, and loud music...our sunsets and sandy feet, would be an understatement. Making memories with my kids is my priority, making them happy and feeling fulfilled is my job and why I work so hard to stay creative and busy and show them that I can give them all they need while still balancing what I love and need. They see me run a business; doing what I love and taking pride in what I do while still putting them first and nothing could possible make me happier.

 I hope everyone enjoys their summer as much as we will and if you have any good tips or ideas, leave a comment!

Mary Gallinger

On a side note, our first Giveaway has ended and a winner has been selected! The winner will receive an email this week so they can pick their spoon set and arrange delivery/shipping. Keep checking the store and blog for the latest updates and offers.


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