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Planning a Slumber Party!
This is my 2nd blog! I'm Elsa and I'm gonna tell you about planning for Slumber Parties!
First, I'll tell you what to pack...
-Clothes for the next day
-A stuffy
-A dress up outfit if you wanna play dress up
-Camera if you want to take pictures
-Pack a little art kit maybe
-Tooth Brush
-Hair ties
Now games you could play!
-Any board game of your choice such as:
 -Candy Land
Snack ideas!
-Buttery and Cheesy Popcorn
-Chips (and dip!)
-Cheese and Crackers
Thank You for Reading!
- Elsa

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Sofia Kelly

Hi Elsa, it’s Sofia! My mom just showed me your blog, it’s awesome! My favorite game is Trouble, was happy to see it made it on your list!! :)

Sofia :)

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